PeaceJam Leaders Curriculum - Online Training

PeaceJam Leaders Curriculum - Online Training

$ 250.00

Type: Online Training

Sku: peace-leaders-online

Fostering Leadership & Positive Identity

Meets the unique needs of adolescents by encouraging them to explore their own identities, and their life choices while developing problem-solving skills to help others - inspired by the harrowing stories of 13 heroes of peace.

$250 membership includes:

PeaceJam Curriculum: an easily downloadable format you can save to your computer and show on-demand with students.

Online Training: a dynamic and engaging e-learning experience that will prepare you to implement the PeaceJam Curriculum you have selected.

To get started, just click "ADD TO CART" and complete your purchase.  You will receive an email with a link and access code for the online training and curriculum you have purchased.  Questions? Contact
  • Downloadable curriculum
  • Access to online training

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